Travel stories

The unexpected end

Never thought it would ever come to this, but I am on the plane home. Waiting for it seemed to take forever. But maybe it was just me who really wanted to go home. It’s the first time anything drives me this far that is feel the need to return to my roots. Missing home,... Continue Reading →


The unexpected journey part 4

I’m running terribly behind on blogs i know, too much places, too much people to much stories. To be honest i don’t even know why i stopped writing them. Maybe i just wanted everything to be my own little adventure, maybe i don’t wanted to ruin my reputation at home or maybe it is just... Continue Reading →

The unexpected journey: part 3

English version below Ciaoo ! Alles gaat goed hier tot nu toe en via de Disney methode begin ( straks meer daarover) ik steeds meer woordjes en zinnetjes te begrijpen. Het spreken gaat wat moeizamer. Reggio Calabria is een interessante stad. Of ik ze echt mooi vind ben ik nog niet helemaal over uit maar... Continue Reading →

the unexpected journey: part 2

De eerste week is om en het wordt dus hoogtijd dat ik iedereen eens up to date breng nu ik wat meer tijd heb. Daarnet heb ik Bruno afgezet aan de luchthaven, hebben we de huurauto terug gegeven en ben ik terug gekomen met de trein van Lamezia. Nu ik eenmaal wat op mijn gemak... Continue Reading →

The unexpected journey; part 1

De eerste week is al bijna half weg maar er valt ondertussen al wel een hele boel dingen te vertellen ! Ik heb niet veel tijd nu moet zo naar de unief maar ik ga al starten met onze eerste dag te vertellen. Zondag zijn we geland in Lamezia, waar we zonder problemen onze auto... Continue Reading →

Philippines: Manilla to Cabiokid

When my 2 companions and I arrived outside of the airport, my first impression was "damn it’s hot". The second impression was, "that’s a lot of traffic". Our group was guided to a van. Once we left the airport we were immediately stuck in traffic for like 4 hours in the unbearable heat. It was... Continue Reading →

Philippines: Cabiokid to Isabela

After a couple of days in Cabiokid, we went to Isabela in the province of Ilagan. Because it was a long trip we drove in the night as to arrive early in the morning. When we arrived, there was a play performed by the local high school. This sort of performance is played nearly once... Continue Reading →

Barcelona, Spain – part 1

My first trip ever, not with school or an organization. Just me and my friend Linde was to Barcelona. I know it’s a very touristic place but we must start somewhere and I always wanted to see a bit of Spain if I had the chance. So, we booked a flight and rented a little... Continue Reading →

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