Philippines: Baler and going home

For our final days in the Philippines we went on a trip to Baler. The beach of Baler is known to many because a featured part from the movie apocalypse now was shot there. It is also known for having waves up to 2.5 meters high. When we were in Baler, it was monsoon climate... Continue Reading →


Philippines: Cabiokid to Isabela

After a couple of days in Cabiokid, we went to Isabela in the province of Ilagan. Because it was a long trip we drove in the night as to arrive early in the morning. When we arrived, there was a play performed by the local high school. This sort of performance is played nearly once... Continue Reading →

Philippines: Manilla to Cabiokid

When my 2 companions and I arrived outside of the airport, my first impression was "damn it’s hot". The second impression was, "that’s a lot of traffic". Our group was guided to a van. Once we left the airport we were immediately stuck in traffic for like 4 hours in the unbearable heat. It was... Continue Reading →

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