Barcelona, Spain – part 1

My first trip ever, not with school or an organization. Just me and my friend Linde was to Barcelona. I know it’s a very touristic place but we must start somewhere and I always wanted to see a bit of Spain if I had the chance. So, we booked a flight and rented a little... Continue Reading →


Barcelona, Spain – part 2

Each day we chose a different city part, so on the third day we went to visit Camp Nou (the football stadium for the people who now as little as me about this). We had a little discussion on whether or not we would visit this because it was rather expensive to visit (I think... Continue Reading →

Barcelona, Spain – part 3

Our next day and next stop was to the top of Montjuïc were we visited Castell de Montjuïc and the view is just breathtaking (I have a thing for views you might notice). It is a fort but it’s main use was a prison. Nowadays it is used as an exhibition space, with a permanent... Continue Reading →

Barcelona – Part 5

Our next big walk was through Park Guëll which is lying on top of a hill and is just such a beautiful walk. The combination of landscaped nature and the art pieces and then the view of Barcelona on the background, it’s a view I will never forget. Sadly enough a few parts of the... Continue Reading →

Barcelona – Part 6

A new day means it's time for a new walk and now we did one from the book we had where the route was called the Modernistic route. The fun part about this route is that it's a route all about details and the detail that has been put in the buildings or objects you... Continue Reading →

Barcelona – Part 7

The last big stop was finally there, I had been looking forward to it since the beginning and today was the day we where going inside the Sagrada famillia. And I have to say pictures and the stories can't explain what I saw in real life and what you would see in real life. It... Continue Reading →

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