Barcelona, Spain – part 2

Each day we chose a different city part, so on the third day we went to visit Camp Nou (the football stadium for the people who now as little as me about this). We had a little discussion on whether or not we would visit this because it was rather expensive to visit (I think... Continue Reading →


Barcelona, Spain – part 3

Our next day and next stop was to the top of Montjuïc were we visited Castell de Montjuïc and the view is just breathtaking (I have a thing for views you might notice). It is a fort but it’s main use was a prison. Nowadays it is used as an exhibition space, with a permanent... Continue Reading →

Dublin: departure and culture night

In the following blogs, I shall tell you all about the journey my girlfriend and I went on to Dublin. We went from the 16th till the 22nd of September.   We arrived in the early afternoon at Dublin National Airport where we took a bus(aircauch) to the city centre (O'Connell Bridge was our stop).... Continue Reading →

Barcelona – Part 5

Our next big walk was through Park Guëll which is lying on top of a hill and is just such a beautiful walk. The combination of landscaped nature and the art pieces and then the view of Barcelona on the background, it’s a view I will never forget. Sadly enough a few parts of the... Continue Reading →

Dublin: day 2

On our second day in Dublin, we went geocaching. We walked a lot and found a lot of geocaches. We actually spent the whole day geocaching. One of the geocaches was in the botanical garden. It was nicely hidden and was very creative. Because we were there we just walked around the garden too. The... Continue Reading →

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