Philippines: trip to Palaui Island

On the date of the 14th of July, we went to Palaui island on a trip that lasted till the 17th of July. We first drove to Santa Ana where we took a local ferry to the island. On the picture, it looks like it’s daytime but it was actually already pitch black outside. Once we arrived on the island, we were guided to our hut where we spent the first night. I think everybody slept pretty well because we didn’t need to wake up early.


When we walked to the beach in the morning it was so beautiful that it made my jaw drop. The water was crystal clear and you could see the little gulfs in the sand under the water. It was really breath-taking to see such a view in the early morning.


After a couple of minutes, we were called to come in for breakfast. After breakfast, we packed our swimming clothes and went to the beach on the other side of the island. We walked in the shade of the forest to Cape Engaño where the remains of a Spanish lighthouse remain. We visited the lighthouse as it is open to anyone and it has a lovely view over the cape and its vicinity.

Of course, we went for a swim too. It was nice to swim in the sea although it was a bit salty. It was also funny to dice between the rocks and seeing all kinds of fish swimming by. After everybody had his part of fun, we went back by ferry to our original drop off place. We then had dinner and were free for the time remaining. My soon to be girlfriend and I went for a walk on the beach.

On the second day of our stay on the island, we went to another beach which is known by many because it’s in the top 10 most beautiful beaches. There we went for another swim in the sea and dove together with a school of flying fish. We were all enjoying the water and so on until disaster struck one off us. One of the female companions was nicely playing with the others until she stepped on a stonefish. For your info that fish is the most poisonous fish known to mankind. After she stepped on the fish she was in extreme pain. I helped to get her out of the water because she couldn’t walk or even stand on her foot. One of our boatman came with a local plant that helped lessen the pain. They say that after being stung, the effects take 3 stages. The first stage is extreme pain like your foot is being pierced by a thousand needles but will only last for like 5 to 10 minutes. The second stage is the foot going completely numb and no more feelings of pain. Here the time period can vary depending on how many times you are stung (luckily our companion had only one sting). The third stage is the most fearful because the numbness goes away and you will experience the pain again and it can last for a full day. So, after she was given first aid with the local plant and the boatman’s shirt as bandage, we went back to the hut. There we were eating dinner and mending to her. That night we made it quite late and the biggest part of our group went sleeping on the beach. I on the other hand slept inside with the one who was stung to try and ease her pain (ps. I didn’t sleep much that night for she was rolling a lot).

After the short night sleep, we decided to go back to Santa Ana. There we decided to visit some natural limestone caves and went kayaking. While kayaking, another companion tried to topple our kayak and did so successfully but the depth of the river was like half a meter at that point and so he bumped his knee into the rocks and everybody else was laughing at us and we were also laughing with the actions taken.

Later that day, after the kayaking and the tour through the cave, we decided to go to a hotel that our guide knew. There we went singing in the karaoke that was attached to the hotel. We all slept in the same room which had just enough beds for all of us.

On the morning of the 17th we decided to go swimming in the pool and everybody took a shower after that one by one. Once everybody had packed we went back to Isabela (again a long time driving in an uncomfortable van). We departed in the early afternoon so it was pretty late that we got back to Isabela.



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