Philippines: Isabela to Quezon and back

This time we went to Quezon. We stayed the first night in a government building and the days after on the location of our work. That place was situated in the middle of the hills and had a beautiful view on the surroundings. The property we stayed on was fairly large, I think a small 100 hectares.

It was so isolated to the point of not having tap water. There was a big basin for water storage but because of the extreme heat, there was not much water in there. Even the firefighters needed to come to refill it. They came twice with a full truck that can hold several thousand liters of water.


After the first day of work we went outside in the dark and had a beautiful look on the star sky. We barbecued and were roasting marshmallows and of course enjoying the night sky.


What we built was a bridge and a walkway towards it. For the walkway, we even used the rocks that were scattered around on the property. For the bridge, we used bamboo and nylon wire. The bridge itself was pretty sturdy and it would be used daily to go feed the pigs.


20160714_180730.jpg   20160714_180757.jpg

When the heat got the most of us we rested inside and treated the bamboo of the building against termites and other insects that may eat the bamboo. The building itself was a beautiful building that took 5 years to complete. The walls were made from woven bamboo and bamboo slats. The floor were tiles or polished concrete and the doors were sliding doors of bamboo on iron rails.


In the little free time we got, we admired the view, read a book in the sun or were sleeping. We were working till very late in the night time (we worked from 7 a.m. till 10 p.m.) so it was very normal that we were sleeping in our little breaks. There were even some people who fainted on the spot because of the heat and it was dangerous to do any hard labour because of dehydration.



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