Barcelona, Spain – Part 4

Because one day is short, very short if you stuff your days like we did, we did another round of museums in which we visited Palau Guëll (of course if it was in our course we had to see it in real life), and it is big and still you could get lost in the smallest details. There were a lot of details and how the light accentuated the details was just mesmerising. You can get on the roof and see the finishing of the chimneys (which there are 9 of). If you want to see it you will have to get on the roof because there is nothing to see from the street side but it is worth it (at least if you like the buildings and stuff).

After that we visited a big market at the La Rambla, it’s a bit hidden but if you find it you will be overflown by the smells, colors and people in this inside market. Even if you just ate you’ll get hungry again from walking here. I wanted to buy so much, luckily my friend was there to stop me.

A few monuments and musea fast after each other where Arc del Triomf, Museu Martorell, Mercat de born, Basilica Santa Maria del Mar. These can all be found if you make a walk through the Parc de la Ciutadella. And all are smaller things to visit but fun to see because I like taking pictures but I like it even more to just stand there and stare at the surroundings taking it all in. Even with all the people around it just brings peace to my mind.

Then when we were walking around in the area we found the chocolate museum and of course 2 chocoholics together the choice was easily made to go in. It already started of great when our tickets where chocolate bars, I mean come on that’s genius you get a ticket and a snack (maybe so you would stay of the chocolate statues). Just walking around made you so hungry and the smell, oh the smell, I can’t even explain it, I can still smell it if I think back to it. And the things you can make with chocolate, it’s a form of art on its own.

It was getting late and darker but we still passed a little museum, the mammoth museum, and this will be a first time I’m going to say this in the existence of this blog but don’t go in. Because the money you have to pay for your ticket isn’t worth the visit.

A little disappointed from our last museum we went to our sleeping place for some well-deserved rest, and to look forward to a next day full of new things to see.



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