Barcelona, Spain – part 3

Our next day and next stop was to the top of Montjuïc were we visited Castell de Montjuïc and the view is just breathtaking (I have a thing for views you might notice). It is a fort but it’s main use was a prison. Nowadays it is used as an exhibition space, with a permanent exhibition about the connection between the fort and the city of Barcelona, as an international center for peace, but also for cultural events, and other activities. The walk to the top is really peaceful and beautiful where you see a lot of birds (really pretty ones).

We also did of full day of museums in which we visited Museum d’Historia de Catalunya, where we learned a bit of history about the area we were in. There are two floors of text, film, animated models and reproductions of everything from a medieval shoemaker’s shop to a 1960s bar. On the top floor there is a library where we were allowed to print our tickets to get back home and even take a quick look at the books.

After that we visit the Aquarium, this was really my thing because I am a big fan of aquariums. This was also my payback for having to visit Camp Nou but also this one was pretty expensive (if I memorize correctly I think 17 euro for students). But I loved it, there was even a rolling path through a glass tunnel where you could see the fish just passing by over your head. I think it is mesmerizing.

Next stop was the museum Nacional d’art Catalunya, which is really big, but really big, we got lost a few times and the building in which it is placed is an art on itself according to me. There was an amazing Dome structure which just overpowers the art itself. We took a few breaks just sitting in a room and staring around us because there was so much to see. It was hard to leave.

But we moved on to the Olympic museum which was actually more interesting than I expected, there were really clear explanations and setups to show how each sport works. It was a shorter visit but also a fun moment.

Last we went to the wax museum. This one was really funny, it where not high quality statues and even had more from a ghost house, but it’s a really good laugh to enter.

This was all possible because of the good working public transportation system with which you can just travel from museum to museum without losing to much time and having an enjoyable day.

That day we also did an evening walk after we ate paella somewhere on the La Rambla, which was beautiful and we saw an amazing old ship which made me think of a pirate ship but a really classy one. Sadly it ended kind of in a bad because my friend got pickpocketed and in this way lost her phone. We went to the police immediately and the day after there was already camera surveillance, so we were pretty glad with that. We eventually didn’t let it get to us but it’s a warning to everybody to not keep important things in your pockets.



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