Barcelona, Spain – part 2

Each day we chose a different city part, so on the third day we went to visit Camp Nou (the football stadium for the people who now as little as me about this). We had a little discussion on whether or not we would visit this because it was rather expensive to visit (I think around 17 euros for a student) but we agreed that I could chose something that interested me more than my travel companion. I am absolutely not a big football fan, I am the type of person that hides somewhere until it’s over.  But this was impressive despite the high entrance price. I have to admit it is very commercially minded but for a one time experience it was great. The whole visit is actually a big walk, you are guided through the big hallways for supporters and for the players where you enter the stadium seats. We were also allowed to check out the VIP seats which I don’t really find exciting or anything. There is also a really big room for all the trophies, shirts, films, commercials,… there was so much in this room we had eyes to short.

After that we visited an old graveyard, it isn’t allowed to take pictures but it is worth to see. The old gravestones where amazing, the handwork, the detailing and just the graveyard itself is so big you could get lost in it.

Because there was still a lot of day left we continued to the old arena of Barcelona which is renovated to a city mall, here you can chose to walk inside and take the stairs or escalator or you walk around outside where you will find a lift that takes you to the top of the building. We did both and the view is amazing, we could see Plaça d’Espanya in the most beautiful light and it just gives such a peaceful feeling.

Then we started walking around the arena in the direction of Plaça d’Espanya but before we went up the stairs we went into the side lanes and found Caixa Forum, where we went inside had a little rest and looked around (you can’t forget our legs are only human too). But the most exciting thing (we are architecture students after all) was when we found the Barcelona pavilion of Mies van der Rohe. Which is actually a copy of the original one that doesn’t exist anymore. It’s actually a really small building if you enter, because what you see on the pictures is so different from what’s there in real life. Nevertheless it was an amazing experience to see the use of materials combined with the daylight. The use of water makes everything even more interesting.

From there on we went back to Plaça d’Espanya and started walking up the stairs in to the direction of the Palau Nacional,  which is a really intensive walk because you have a lot of stairs but I mean really a lot. But we didn’t mind because you have so much to see not only nature but architectural formed and hand carved stairs with a lot of details. You also have all the animals that are attracted to all the nature because they do not care it’s beautifully landscaped, they just see room for a nest. And then when we got to the top even though we were out of breath already the view was capable to take our breath away. We were just standing there not realizing time was passing by.

So I ended sweating my butt off but even then the views where worth it. Luckily the way back was easier and we had a really good night of sleep.




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