Dublin: day 2

On our second day in Dublin, we went geocaching. We walked a lot and found a lot of geocaches. We actually spent the whole day geocaching.

One of the geocaches was in the botanical garden. It was nicely hidden and was very creative. Because we were there we just walked around the garden too. The weather in the morning was not so good (a little bit of rain) but when we were in the garden, it started to clear up. This of course gave some nice effects on the photos we took of the roses and the other plants that were outside. In one of the conservatories there was some art on a slab of wood (picture below). It is nice how the colouring is not overwhelming.

We exited the garden through a graveyard where we were amazed by the details on the crosses that were scattered here and there. A lot of the graves were old and some were less taken care of than others. The details on the graves were very Nordic like. It might be because Ireland has a Norse period in their history.

After all the geocaching, we went back to our house and were overwhelmed by all the people who were going to see the game on TV in the pubs. It is strange to see all of the supporters mixed together and no fights starting. Flags and scarfs and clothes of the 2 teams mixed up is always strange to see. Even in the stadium they were mixed up in the seating.

The game itself was something like a crossing off football and rugby. It was strange to see but it seemed interesting. We went to see the game to in the local pub. It was loud and hot and cramped. At half time, we decided to go home because the heat and noise was getting to me. Once home, we went to sleep because we were tired.



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