Barcelona – Part 5

Our next big walk was through Park Guëll which is lying on top of a hill and is just such a beautiful walk. The combination of landscaped nature and the art pieces and then the view of Barcelona on the background, it’s a view I will never forget. Sadly enough a few parts of the park are only for paying visitors and since we were already kind of at the edge of our budget we chose not to enter but just walk around and see it from afar which I think is still worth it.

The original plan was to be there before sunrise and then have breakfast there with a view. But fatigue from the past few days decided otherwise. So we went when the sun was already at the horizon but this didn’t make the view and the experience less amazing and if the walk all the way up didn’t allready take your breath away I promise you the view will take care of that.

So we walked for a full day around in this parc becaus it’s just so big, we got lost a few times and just sat down somewhere at noon to eat lunch. When we where walking trough the park we saw a lot of landscape, hidden art, art made from the landscape. There is so much to see even when you don’t visit the paying part you don’t have enough time to see everything in one day.

It was already getting late when we decided to go home and give our feet a rest, luckily the walk down was a lot less heavy then the walk up.




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  1. I also thought it was pretty expensive and still a lot of the park is accessible without paying so I don’t think If you think about going that you ‘really should’ go inside, it’s already so big.


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