Viva Emilia part 9 : Castelvetro, Serravalle and Borghetti

Today is our day “off”, not that we are not going to do anything but today is our slow day. First thing we headed of to was Castelvetro, a small village that looks like a castle, because it was Palm Sunday in the centre of the village blessed palm branches are handed out to the people. I took 3 to take home, one form my grandmother who is religious, one for me because well I think it is a fun tradition and the final one is just to tease my father. When we were wondering around my father found this little shop with local products, wine, honey, vinegar and so on, apparently they do have a restaurant too but it was a little to early to eat. When my parents came out that shop I think they bought half of it , they had so much wine and other products with them.

After getting all that stuff in to the mobile home we got of to the next place to wander around, Serravalle is like castelvetro but a little bit older, it lay in a very beautiful aria covered by vineyards and moutains. My borther and I were looking a the road when suddenly a parade of Italian old-timers passed by. We waved when they passed by.

The last thing of our tour was to go to our sleeping place, Borghetti. We slept at the grounds of a hotel. At the site my mother and I went to find a geocache. This route led us to a beautiful old bridge and a view of Palazzo rossi from afar.

After homemade zucchini pizzas we went to sleep early because tomorrow will be a long day.


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