Dublin: departure and culture night

In the following blogs, I shall tell you all about the journey my girlfriend and I went on to Dublin. We went from the 16th till the 22nd of September.


We arrived in the early afternoon at Dublin National Airport where we took a bus(aircauch) to the city centre (O’Connell Bridge was our stop). From there, we went by foot to our rented house trough airbnb. Our landlord was a friendly late 20’s aged man. We placed our bags upstairs in the small row house. Once we dropped everything off and received our key, we went for a walk in the centre to discover the shops etc.

When we walked past the postal office, we saw that that night it was culture night. This means that all musea and monuments and so on are free to see. We decided at that moment that we would return to the centre after dinner. We first went around town to see witch musea would be open and what would be interesting. One such musea was the National Leprechaun Museum. We booked for the night tour that night.


Once it was time to go to the culture night, we first went to said museum. Because we liked the tour, we immediately booked for a second late night tour on the following day. We visited the GPO or General Post Office. There, we received a free postcard that we could sent free of charge (the stamp was already on the card). After that, we did a little tour around Dublin centre and walked in the musea we found interesting.

On this trip, we visited a lot of musea and churches and went for many long walks.


On the 17th, we woke up fairly early and had breakfast. We decided to visit some musea in the centre like the city hall and Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. While we were at it, we also went geocaching. We even ended up walking inside Trinity College where there was an event for the students (I think it was like job hunting or something like that). In the end, we ended up walking a small 20 km on that day.


After a bit of walking in a park, we decided to eat our lunchboxes and after that, we went on with the geocaching. At around 7 P.M., we had dinner and then went to the leprechaun museum again for the night tour. It was a nice tour of around 1 hour. It was nice that our guide was even dressed up and all. Because the group was small, it was really convenient for the guide to tell the little stories.

After the tour, we could buy some things in the souvenir shop, which we did. My girlfriend bought a small green book with a golden edge and I ended up buying the complete Irish Mythology.


Once we were done shopping, we went to a local bar. We drank one Guinness and then went to our house.




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